((OOC: A couple of you have asked about how I designed teh bowz.

that first page there was all the preliminary sketches/brainstorming I did before I ended on a final design, not really much. I kinda just decided ‘make him look like ganon’ after the first one on the top left (which I thought looked far too young) and whipped it up. somewhere around the second page though I ended up on his nose shape, and the rest are just tests and getting used to the design.

sorry I don’t got many baby pics for yall UmU and that the pics are real low quality ))

putting these up here UwU

pixlezq asked:

Hi! I really love your art and your Bowz blog, and I was wondering what the pen settings are for your lineart?

actually its nothing more than just the default ‘ink pen’ settings (though…I know that varies from version to version as I’ve heard…so idk)

aroah asked:

Dude, I don't usually follow artists, but after following The Bowz for a few days, you are fucking awesome. Keep it up, man. Once I get my YouTube money for the month, I might have a commission for you. And since I hate just posting statements in the Ask Box, have you ever done animation? Your style would be perfect for it.

Oh dude thanks!!! I look forward to it~ and actually, I’d love to do animation, I just don’t have the programs to do it…

Anonymous asked:

Dude you RP bowser so dominant and self centered yet supportive i feel like its a lot like how he really is? if an award existed i'd give you it. Please forgive all the pervy anons!

((OOC: really? I’m glad you like it so much!!! and brah I don’t mind the pervy anons too much I’ll even answer a few~))

parnash asked:

Question! How much are commissions?

I’ll have a commission ad up with all the prices soon~
I just got home from a family vacation so I’ll be taking a bit to unpack and all that but expect it up…possibly tomorrow if not definantly within this week