Other than that welcome to the art blog for impossiblevariable~<3
Hi I have to say that I absolutely love your armor design for Karkat's godtier! I'm actually going to figure out how to make it out of craft foam/paper mâché and have a cosplay for it! What inspired you to make the armor design though? Are there other shots of it???(of not pls don't make more I don't want to make you do something) thank you for your time and wonderful inspirational art!

oh wow @u@ I’d love to see it all done when you’re finished
but no unfortunately there are no more shots of it (tho I’m thinking about redrawing because those are especially old)

as for inspiration there was nothing in particular ^^; I just thought it’d be fun/cool to do~ also I enjoy making outfits and armor so there’s that too…

Hi! Your knights of time/blood are absolutely fab. I was just wondering which time period inspired them, if there was a specific one? It's for a history assignment where I'm going to be explaining/looking at battle armor and the concept of knights. Stay hella rad yo. x

ahaha…to be honest I didn’t research too deeply into all that ^^; I looked up a *bunch* of different armors and took ideas/elements from all kinds of sources. sorry I can’t be much help ;^;

oh, and you stay hella rad too bro~

I know my last post over a week ago was me rambling about commissions again but i feel like if i keep saying

'I'm gonna do commissions again soon'

I’ll actually get to it

I wish I knew how to make a nice looking preview tho, all the cool artists have one